Welcome to Five Rubber Tree®

Five Rubber Tree Company is one of the LEADING, PREMIUM quality and experienced MEDICAL GLOVE PRODUCTIONS MANUFACTORY with almost 30 years of gloves manufacturing experience in Thailand .

Our company catered exclusively for our clients’ needs and requirements .

Additionally, we are compliant with the international quality standards as well .

Our First-Class and Top Quality Technical , Engineering and Management teams deliver our projects on time and within the BUDGET .

About Five Rubber Tree®

Five Rubber Tree

FIVE RUBBER TREE is proud to be the manufacturer of these great medical gloves. We are dedicated to bringing QUALITY, SAFETY and STERILE products as the best choices for medical personnel.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish a World–Class NITRILE/LATEX gloves manufacturing company that will manufacture world acceptable NITRILE/LATEX gloves and build a brand that will become household name in THAILAND and worldwide as well.

Our Vision

With the strength of long lasting business relations with many manufacturing firms in SOUTH EAST ASIA, our Company will provide to our customers very high quality products under customer oriented conditions.

Our Products

Five Rubber Tree Company manufacture Nitrile and Latex (both Powder Free) for a wide range of application purposes .

The safety, comfort and quality of the gloves are foremost in our gloves applications design .

Furthermore, we catered and produce our gloves products to ensure users of our products, especially in the healthcare industry will be well protected and enjoy clean & comfortable daily usage .

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